Use of Formalin and Other Ingredients in Foods

Formalin can be chemical substance that usually people used for sturdy human and animals corps. Nowadays, various people use it for tough foods, including tofu and terasi. The utilization of formalin and also other dangerous preservatives in food has been a problem for three reasons.

Firstly, formalin is designed for human beings, however it is for neurological specimen and experiments. It is far from for food preservative. Obviously when it is employed for food additive, it will be incredibly dangerous to humans body.

The second reason is the fact there is no small control through the government. This problem makes the people's health is very in a threat. When the control is poor and they make use of formalin was spread extensive all over the Indonesian regions, and these days it includes really took place, the residents bodies will be badly contaminated with the harmful toxins. Fish or food dealers still offer their products that have formalin and dangerous chemical preservatives.

The third is usually that the difficult economic system seems to never end. This may make the condition worse. You know that modern-day economy is incredibly difficult. Use daily products and fulfill their particular need with high costs. Things are getting more and even more expensive.

Consequently, the food production cost raises. For example , the preservation process for seafood will be cheap if the manufacturers use formalin. They know the danger of formalin, but they don't worry about the others well being. What is within their mind is only how to get revenue. Considering the reasons, we can make a conclusion that the utilization of formalin and other preservatives is really a serious problem. The federal government must resolve about employing formalin and other preservative in foods. The society has to be carefully for choosing foods. u