to establish as well as a safe, healthy, learning environment Essay

п»ї Dionne Lamothe-Wong




Inside my family child care my goal is to be sure all children from 0-5 years old whom attend KDM Day Care have a safe environment to learn and play, keeping my Child care safe is prevent or perhaps reduce accidents while youngsters are in my proper care. It is an crucial goal to make sure that My spouse and i check the day care environment every day inside and out of doors checked the area completely. exterior, I examine to be sure there are no rusting equipment prior to children get there. Another way My spouse and i make sure that store plugs happen to be in place, simply no dangerous things or broken toys inside the child care space, check every smoke/carbon security alarms make sure they are current and operating properly. we practice Fire/Tornado drills once a month. All unexpected emergency numbers published including poison control centre, provider and parents numbers They are really being taught that using security skills is very important. I always make sure where they are really and wherever I can find and listen to them, even when they are napping. My goal is to include a safe and happy environment for my own children and more to play and learn.


Let me teach the children who's within my care the important of healthful habits of good nutrition of healthy human body and to possess good dental hygiene, correct hand cleansing and help the kids built all their good sense in order to avoid the distributed of bacteria in my child care. To keep the youngsters well being I actually make sure that We wash my own hands after and before changing diaper, before and after controlling food or perhaps bottles, while i help a young child use the bathroom if I result from outside my hands will be dirty We make sure My spouse and i wash and use sanitizer help kids to wash all their hands for a similar occasions, make sure almost all toys happen to be clean likewise sure everyone have their individual separate foundation and I clean and sanitize bedding every week. I as well believe that kids need to be give food to healthy and proper...

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