The Punch Essay

Growing old Through Stories

Stories enable people to continue living after death. Story telling is often how persons remember an agent who has passed away. In both the story Like Water for Chocolate and the film Big Seafood, magical realistic look is used pertaining to story informing to make the tales more joining and enjoyable, which make these people more likely to find out again. People live on through their testimonies and in in this way can become underworld because of the use of magical realism in storying telling.

Esquivel depends on magical realistic look to tell the stories of Tita which allows Tita's cookbook to get read and remembered by Esperanza's child. The recipe book could easily be seen while just a book of quality recipes but the utilization of magical realism transforms the recipes in to telling the storyplot of Tita's interred like. Each recipe recounts a different incident in Tita's dramatic life explaining her not allowed love pertaining to Pedro plus the satanic The female Elena. There is an art to how magical realism is utilized and Chencha understands this when states " Nearly anything could be accurate or fake, depending on whether one presumed it” (Esquivel 127). This sums up Chencha's reasoning for making up stories. Chencha is known on her tendency to embellish stories and inform half-truths. Burdened by the responsibility of telling Mama Elena that Tita refuses to returning home, Chencha considers whether she must tell Mom Elena the reality. She decides to tell Mama Elena a different sort of version of the truth rather so as to not be the bearer of bad news. Esquivel uses wonderful realism to alter the truths of reports and associated with more interesting to whoever listens to the tales. Esperanza keeps Tita alive when the girl reads her cook book, which is full of tested recipes that can be understood as stories with the use of marvelous realism.

Similar to Like Water for Chocolate, the film Big Fish depends on magical realistic look in storytelling. Big Fish mainly identifies the life of Edward Full bloom by recounting the reports of his life. Edward's life provides...

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