The Exile of Oedipus

While Oedipus began to walk his long trip into an empty road of solitude, this individual suddenly ended to think about the aftermath of all of the chaos that had only taken place in Thebes. This individual soon came to realize that he'd never again return to the city of Thebes after learning about the truth about him self and Laius' killer. Absent minded of his inability to see, he turned his head as if looking backside at the city of Thebes from afar. As he proceeded to walk, this individual sensed the organization of someone close by. It was the prophet Tiresias, resting over a rock by road, when he patiently lay for Oedipus. Without doubt, Tiresias slowly and gradually got up and Oedipus stood continue to, both men sure of who was present before him. " I know it really is you Tiresias. I are ashamed of the man I have turn into and even more embarrassed for not believing you. You tried to shield me from myself, yet I was as well blind to find out it. It truly is in your eyes, Tiresias, that in the existence of total darkness, I can truly see and now arrive to understand the bane of my lifestyle. I have arrive to accept that my tone will no longer end up being heard inside the streets with the city, neither will I at any time sleep in a bed of the house I also known as home. I need to begin a fresh life in which no one speaks of the real truth that was unfolded. I will now fade into a world of confinement because I no more worry with this predicament that were haunting my personal very spirit. If only the people of Thebes did not need to suffer to get my blunders. If only I had formed faced my personal ignorance very much sooner. Only when I had never doubted the truth you spoke of, Tiresias. However the gods and fate were rooting me to fail. ?nternet site stand below before you, I see a light-weight at the end of the road that I am about to embark upon, and i also am not really afraid, We am in peace. Take good care my friend; probably someday we will fulfill again. "