Risha Katzman

Project 4: Procedure Analysis

Today class we all will speak about how to care for a pet. There are numerous types of animals that you can have for the pet. I choose to explain things in taking good care of a doggie. In my opinion, pups are so sweet and playful. One thing regarding puppies is that they turn into canines. When caring for a pup you have to be very careful and gentle. Young puppies are very delicate and have to become handled carefully. I will describe the things that you have to do in looking after a puppy dog.

The first thing when taking care of a puppy is the fact you need to select what kind of puppy you want to have. Your parents will help you to decide what kind of puppy is best suited for you. I favor West highland terriers, as I have experienced three of them. They are incredibly cute and good with children.

Next to consider when getting a puppy is definitely his/her healthy needs. The puppies health needs contain food, dairy, and water. When you be able to the store with the parents, you will recognize that there are various sorts of puppy meals made only for them. You will get your parents help you choose what puppy foodstuff is best for these people. Puppies are filled with energy and so they will need feeding regarding four instances a day. When ever feeding your puppy you will need a bowl that will put the puppy food in, after all they cannot eat started. The food will need to be measured so that you don't provide a puppy to much foodstuff. You can measure the food simply using a measuring glass. To find out how much you should give food to your puppy appear on the puppy food can easily. Puppies may be giving milk in the initial few months specifically if the mother is usually not present. Put the dairy in a dish. Once the doggie is certainly not given milk anymore you could start giving the puppy water in a bowl. You need to examine every handful of hours in case the puppy provides enough drinking water and if they don't you will need to refill water bowl. Ensuring your puppy provides plenty to consume and drinking water is very important, you don't want your pup to...