SWOT is short for for





A SWOT evaluation

-helps to further improve personal and professional expansion -to figure out yourself better

-to choose areas it is advisable to develop and set goals intended for. SWOT Analysis and Plan of action Learning outcome 1

Illustrate the ability to develop and look after a supporting relationship with all the learner that promotes socialisation and integration in the workplace and develop plans for ongoing support. Strong points

в–єI have got a pleasant character and am able to preserve effective functioning relationships to member of employees. в–єI have got much specialist experience

в–єPeers comment that Iam a hard worker and still have good specialist knowledge.


в–єI do night time shifts to prepare child care therefore i seldom obtain chance to utilize students. в–єI did my nursing in India thus Iam not sure about the responsibilities of student nurses of every year. в–єLack of experience as being an associate mentor.

в–єMy accent/pronunciation help to make others challenging to understand myself. Opportunities

в–єAs to achieve my goal We take this possibility to involve various other member of staffs in the inauguration ? introduction phase and throughout the positioning to improve integration into the complete team. в–єUpdate ward welcome pack with essential info for the students including limite used on the ward.


в–єBusyness of the ward and shortage of staff provides less time to work and assess the spanish student. в–єI need to ensure that away duty presents sufficient as well as arrange alterations to work with learners. Page two of 6th

GOAL в†’Learning outcome one particular Deadline pertaining to achieving 08/04/2008

Criteria for success

*Students neglect to receive regular support by a designated coach, staff condition and move patterns may undermine regular student support, so it is important to develop an adequate pool of mentors and plan away duty. (Bob Price 2005) *Students will need to supported by staff who are able to take on the role of mentor, manager and assessor. Such staff should have a proper attitude, encounter, qualifications and preparation intended for teaching, examining, support and supervision roles. In addition they must also be able to demonstrate commitment for their own continuing professional expansion. (Welsh, My spouse and i & Swann, C 2002) *Communication is known as a big enter the mentor-mentee relationship. Attributes of an successful mentoring environment include providing leadership, displaying patience, displaying caring and maintaining loyality(Fawcett, D 2002) *Good coach is a nurturing teacher and a ‘knowledgeable friend'. (Bennett 2002)

Plan of action

♦Update ward welcome load up with recently introduced suggestions and vocable used on the ward. ♦Make child care plans to do time shifts.

♦Make request concerning offduty to arrange shifts working together with mentor and student. ♦Identify other staffs who will support and contribute to the integration from the student. ♦Discuss with co-workers and scholar regarding required student rns of particular year.

♦Try to speak gradually and evidently so that additional could appreciate.


в—™I have current ward inauguration ? introduction pack with essential infomations, guidelines and terminologies utilized on the ward.

в—™I have made child care plans to do dayshifts.

в—™I have successfully negotiated offduty.

в—™I have determined staffs who are able to support and assess this student inside the absence...

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