Survey on Water Shortage  Conservation Essay

Study on Normal water Scarcity & Conservation

Normal water is becoming a small natural source in the world. Within an article released on Nationwide Geographic website about " Fresh Water Crisis” [1] they have mentioned that out of the 70 percent of drinking water which is covering the earth, simply 2 . five per cent is suitable for drinking and just 1% of freshwater is easily attainable. In the same article the author talks about how people are wasting this limited resource. The growing shortage of normal water is due to the rapid growth of population, growing demand for foodstuff and funds crops, raising urbanization and rising lifestyle. On the other hand individuals are writing articles and papers about how precisely to solve this scarcity issue and all the resources presented regarding conservation of water being a solution.

I've heard persons talking about scarcity of normal water, but until the day I actually read the above-mentioned article [1] I did not realize it was this negative. In another article I examine which was written by Michael Parfit, writer for National Geographic mentioned the next, " There is no water, there is absolutely no life.. All of us live by the grace of water. ” She was talking about what will happen if the normal water scarcity issue was not solved. So you will find a need to get people to aware of this matter. For any person with this problem I had this kind of misconception, 70% of the the planet is protected with drinking water and therefore we all don't have to love water scarcity this soon. I really suspect most of folks are still pondering in the same manner. From this paper therefore I am going test on individuals opinion upon water shortage problem and what is generally there stand on going about solving it. We strongly think that by taking the survey persons will be more aware about the water scarcity issue and they'll act accordingly.

I've prepared two versions (version 1 & 2) in the survey with two distinct pictures positioned on top of the study versions, as a result to check if there is any significant change in the survey benefits. One picture was a great illustration showing how much...

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