Sigmund Freud, Women and Child Abuse Dissertation

Sigmund Freud great Views

Sigmund Freud have been called the daddy of psychiatric therapy. His research and thoughts about how individuality develops and is affected by different experiences or perhaps exposures to stimuli have been disputed and discussed for over 100 years. This paper will certainly highlight Freud's life and theories along with answer two questions. Those two questions will be; did Freud sexually abuse children and did Freud have a personal vendetta against women? Lifestyle and Occasions

Sigmund Freud was born in 1856 to a Jewish Along with grew up in Freiberg, Moravia which is right now a part of the Czech Republic. Freud was your eldest of eight children from his mother and had older half-brothers from his father's earlier marriage. The family was very poor, although realizing Freud's outstanding intellect, every work was made to make certain Sigmund get the best education possible. As a result, Freud could graduate from the University of Vienna at the age of 17 (Wikipedia, 2007).

Attempts to learn of Freud's early life have already been ineffective and evidence to back up that Freud destroyed most personal influences of his early life and friends and family life has been found. In 1886, following studying medicine in Portugal, Freud came back to Vienna and started out the study of human brain disorders and nervous conditions. This is where Freud developed his theory of " totally free association". He would sometimes hypnotize his sufferers, but frequently he would place the patients on his couch and encourage them to talk about whatever was at their center and head (Wikipedia, 2007).

While in the 40s Freud, himself, knowledgeable many fears and anxieties that he attempted to analysis on his own. He previously a strong anxiety about dying and located his dreams may give the answers to his feelings and thoughts. Attempting self-analysis, Freud found that his anger toward his father was due to his intimate attraction to his mom. This time continues to be thought, by many experts, to get Freud's many creative and visual a part of his your life (Wikipedia, 2007).

Freud posted several catalogs on the subconscious mind in 1900 and 1901 which led to his appointment being a full professor at the University of Vienna. He had a large group of followers who trained and recognized his psychoanalytic doctrines. He stayed in Vienna, and taught and developed even more theories on psychoanalysis before the annexation of Austria or perhaps Anchluss, by simply Nazi Germany in 1938 (Wikipedia, 2007). At the moment, Freud and his family fled to France and on to England where Freud extended his practice and research. Freud passed away on Sept 23, 1939 from complications of mouth cancer as a result of his practice of smoking upwards of a single box of cigars every day. Theories that his fatality was due to physician-assisted morphine overdose have been completely furthered after reviews of his record and articles were executed (Wikipedia, 2007). Children and Freud

Freud's theories about psychosexual advancement have been challenged for many years. Freud maintained that every humans are sexual by birth and the exposure from the infant to differing types of treatment from the parents dependent on the sex in the child can impact the kid's development for a long time (Wikipedia, 2007). Freud assumed that many adult neurosis or perhaps hysteria was the result of points that experienced happened towards the adult when ever younger.

Failure of the mom to provide the proper nurturing impact and the daddy to be the more robust role version, many kids found strategies to fantasize associations with the parent of the reverse sex as an element of their sex growth and development. Among Freud's famous cases is that of Small Hans. Little Hans was obviously a patient of Freud's during the ages of three to five years of age. Freud just met with Hans one time and remaining data was given to Freud from Hans' daddy. Freud discovered a marriage between Hans' fear of race horses to a fear of castration and an " Oedipal" marriage with Hans' mother (answers. com, 2007). Freud's newspaper, Inhibitions, Symptoms and Panic, published in 1926...

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