Risk Factors that Increase Stress in Current day Adolescents

Age of puberty is a moments of growth and development. This can be a transitional stage between the habbit of the child years and independency of adult life. Thus, it is far from surprising that adolescence can be noted as a juncture of high distress. Risk factors to result in of pressure in age of puberty must be identified first and foremost, to ensure that appropriate coping strategies can be developed to cope with this issue.

Stress is defined as circumstances or incidents that check a person's emotional capacity to adjust or reply to these circumstances (Garcia, 2009). The conditions, where a person can determine as nerve-racking, vary with regards to the individual. Adolescent's experience of anxiety can be perceived as intolerable, due to their lack of know-how and knowledge of how to correctly deal with their very own distress (George & vehicle der Hohe 2011). Byrne and Mazanov (2002) founded seven areas that predispose adolescents to increased stress levels. These include school, relatives relationships, upcoming prospects and peer interactions (Byrne & Mazanov 2002).

Negative family connections have been discovered to be the the majority of compelling causes for teenagers (McNamara 2150, pg 39). Unstable family members structure, parental disagreements and inadequate child care can have a detrimental effect on a great adolescents well-being (Menaghan 2010). As children are still growing physically and mentally, the requirement of a constant and secure home life is especially beneficial to their development into adult life. Most family members related causes can be classified as simple or slight disagreements among an adolescent and parent (McNamara 2000 pg 40). The moment these differences escalate in to severe issues, the resulting adolescent is more inclined to have doubt inside their self-worth, and depleted assurance in their capability to achieve, as a result losing every motivation to complete goals (McNamara 2000 pg 42). This in turn can predispose the...