The following are items which reflect effectiveness of Skill Acquisition in your organization. Make sure you answer these people as they suit to your understanding. There are simply no right or wrong answers. You could give the appropriate answer according to the next format.

5=Completely Agree4=Agree3=Can't Claim 2=Disagree 1=Completely Disagree

1 . The listing on the job portal/advertisement gave me sufficient information about the vacancy. 2 . Task description provided during recruiting matches my personal job. 3. Method of recruiting has evaluated my knowledge and expertise accurately for my task. 4. Personally i think organization employ right sources to identify the talent. five. Job portals and social network sites are the majority of utilized kind of attracting applicants. 6. Staff referral is known as a successful origin to find the skill for a task. 7. Methods followed intended for selection process happen to be valid and reliable. almost eight. Different assessments conducted during selection process will be aligned towards the job being unfaithful. Number of models conducted to absorb the candidates is sufficient. 10. Life long hiring process was short and practical for the candidate. 10. Type of interview process applied evaluates candidate thoroughly. doze. The queries asked in the interview are relevant enough to my personal job. 13. I was given training and was placed in induction applications after absorption. 14. I was provided with adequate facts during teaching to perform my job effectively. 15. I used to be fully briefed about the organization policies during induction programs. 16. I believe Overall Ability Acquisition pattern is effective inside the organization.