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Breaking Less than comfortable habits or Starting Good Types:

Behavior Modification using Operant Health and fitness

Deadline: beginning of class on Wednesday, October 23rd

Is there a habit that you would like to break? For example , you may think that you drink an excessive amount of coffee, mouthful your nails too much, or put items off all too often. Or maybe there is also a word or phrase that you want to use less frequently (e. g., " like”, " uhhh” " literally”). On the other hand, is there a behavior that you would like to do more often? For instance , maybe you would like to drink more drinking water, floss every meal, or perhaps spend more time on the certain activity (e. g., reading the textbook). Just for this assignment, you are going to choose one behavior and apply the principles of Operant Health and fitness to impact how often you perform this.

Step 1 : Select the habit. For the prospective behavior, try to select a behavior you really carry out want to modify, but also be realistic with what is feasible in a short time frame. Ideally, the behaviour would be something which you do (or could do) several times per day. You need a tendencies that occurs (or could occur) frequently so you can record that multiple times above the week.

Step 2: Determine your baseline. In the event the behavior arises frequently, 1st keep a written record of the habit for two days and nights without starting any health. If it is simple to remember the frequency of which the behavior occurred over the prior couple of days, then you could use that record or if you baseline. (You will need to turn in a desk or chart depicting these data having a separate line or data point for every day. )

Step 3: Come up with your cover changing the behavior using the principles of Operant Conditioning. (see the Operant Conditioning section in your textbook). To increase the frequency of any wanted habit, use great reinforcement.

To decrease or " extinguish” an unwanted behavior, you need to punish the behaviour, or remove the reinforcements that enable this (e. g., getting...

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