Productivity Paradoxon Essay

Productivity Paradox

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Date: January 12, 2013

The ability to determine the contribution of IT to improving productivity is important.

Technology is important and necessary part for any firm from a small scale to a multi-national company. IT can provide an upper hand to the businesses which decide to use the THAT as a fundamental element of business technique. The primary usage of IT was restricted to Government and Military, however Organizations discovered that the computers can be used to automate the accounting functionalities. The usage of computers had been mostly by lower level staff of firm, so the expense of running computers as a backside office tool resulted in extra cost rather the investment activity. As the evolution of telecommunication and computing, the impact of administration IT became more widespread. " As a result, THAT staff and managers need to face an increasing need to be business-savvy. ” As the role of computers running a business expanded, It probably is the crucial part of corporation. IT is involved in almost every office of an organization like; manufacturing, logistics, decision support, etc . There are many illustrations in real life of how IT has been able to run the business strategies, such as amazon . com. com, askjeeve. com and many more. The technology has done their job simply by downsizing, expense reduction, re-engineering, and outsourcing. The productivity is usually decreased because technologies used now a days in enhancing the productivity has not made the organizations more productive. Distractions from email, cell phones, instant messaging, text messaging, and blogs eat up nearly 30 percent of each day time. In summary, nevertheless IT has become fewer productive it works as a vermittler in every division of an organization. To improve production an organization needs to focus on the contribution in the IT in each and every department.

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