Today’s Christian Woman Analysis Paper


simply by Evangelist Doris Davenport-Lowry

The Bible is the world's account of what was, what is and what will always be. It is regarding God's love for mankind and each of our struggle to interact to Him. Throughout the pages from the Good Book we find out the root of each of our worst sufferings and the characteristics of our greatest problems. It isn't always easy to respond to Goodness in a way that delights Him and females have a distinctive history and set of challenges to overcome within our walk with Christ. Every single of us, whatever our qualifications is symbolized in one method or another in the women from the Bible. Right from the start of time, through the Old plus the New Testament, Women have got played a major role in shaping record. Through a dynamic cast of characters: small, old, committed, virgin, widowed, barren, prosperous, poor, specialist, homemaker, prostitute, community leaders… we find all sorts of women playing a role in the building of God's Empire.

If we tracked the foot prints of women throughout Bible record we would discover footprints that represent courage, strength, management and motivation. We would as well find the ones that represent weak point and manipulation. Whose actions will you comply with, those that indicate a tradition of sin or maybe a tradition of salvation? Paul taught that tradition has not been always a good thing, particularly when this negatively affected those who had been created inside the image of The almighty. Jesus confirmed this teaching by dealing with women while human beings rather than as house, which was the tradition of His day time. They equally understood that there is neither men nor feminine in Christ Jesus. But each Christian has a purpose. As girls it is our responsibility to find out and figure out our position. Our roles are not distinct in the world in addition to the house of worship. We have one role in most places that is certainly to be available to be used by God. We cannot be great Christians and poor citizens—shouting on Sunday and cussing on Monday. Paul trained Timothy the importance of rehearsing faith in our daily...

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