Pollution and its particular Types Composition

Air pollution

an undesirable human activity to nature

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What is air pollution?

—  The moment Harmful Chemicals Contaminate the surroundings it is Named Pollution.

—  Pollution identifies the very bad condition of environment in terms of volume and quality.

Types of Pollution

—  Air Pollution —  Water Pollution —  Land Polluting of the environment —  Environmental noise —  A radio station Active Air pollution

Causes of Polluting of

Major options for Air Pollution -- Industries -Automobiles and Home-based fuels -High Proportion of undesirable gases, such as sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide

Major primary contaminants

—  Sulphur oxides (Sox) —  Nitrogen oxides (NOx) —  Carbon monoxide —  Co2 di o2 (CO2) —  Volatile organic compounds —  Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) —  Phosphate (NH3)

A few air pollution diasters…

Kuwaiti olive oil fires —  caused by Iraqi military pushes setting open fire to seven hundred oil water wells in kuwait —  fire started in January and Feb 1991 as well as the last one particular was put out by Nov 1991 —  6 mil barrels (950, 000 m3) of petrol were lost each day —  dramatic reduction in air quality, triggering respiratory problems for most Kuwaitis


Bhopal tragedy —  night of December 2–3, 1984 with the Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) pesticide plant in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh —  leak of methyl isocyanate gas and also other chemicals


Great Smoke of '52 —  lasted from Fri 5 to Tuesday 9 December 1952 —  medical services identified that the fog had murdered 4, 000 people


Steer clear of air pollution???


—  Level sources

—  Source can be from a single point —  Easily recognizable

—  Low – point sources

—  small amounts of contaminants accumulated from a sizable area


—  Complications with Fertilisers —  However , in the event too much fertilizer is added and after that it rains, the fertiliser discovers its method into waterways —  This kind of causes this particular plants to grow so that as there is competition for light, some can die

—  Bacteria corrosion the dead plants and in so carrying out use up o2 from the water —  Therefore the fish suffocate and die —  This process is known as Eutrophication —  Raw sewerage pumped in to rivers provides the same impact


—  Pesticides get rid of insects that will damage crops —  Additionally they kill undamaging insects or can get washed into rivers and dirty the water —  They may possibly end up in the meals chain


—  In the 1960s, DDT in the food chain threatened fowl populations. Various birds of prey came close to annihilation


—  Deep normal water oil drip —  3-4 months in 2010 —  4. being unfaithful million barrels (780, 000 m3) of crude oil


—  Makes up about the deaths of more than 14, 000 people daily —  In India, 1000 kids dies daily —  Illnesses like Cholera —  Malaria —  Typhoid (spread during the rainy period )‫‏‬ —  Aquatic lifestyle gets ruined


—  India's waterways - the majority of polluted in the entire world —  80 % of metropolitan waste in India leads to its waterways. —  The pollution of Ganges, India's holy river, where in certain areas experts found the level of pollution three or more, 000 percent higher than precisely what is considered safe for showering.

How to Avoid Water Pollution

Main options

—  Acid solution Rain —  Garbage dumping —  Professional wastes —  Mining —  Fertilisers

Change of pollution to water pollution

Garbage dropping —  Methane gas made by rotting of organic and natural gases —  Contamination of ground water —  Degradation in ground quality

Exploration —  influences ground and surface waters —  Acid mine draining kills aquatic life —  toxic chemicals

Chemical substance fertilizers and pesticides —  pollute the soil —  Causes serious health problems to human

Couple of control measures…

—  Decrease the usage of chemical compounds as much as possible —  Afforestation —  covering the garden soil with quite a few layers of wet magazines or a plastic material sheet for a number of weeks before cultivation —  Designated pits — ...

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