Title: How Processed foods Can Cause Obesity Complication in Young Children

Attention Getter: Just how many of solutions when young children get dependent on junk food that they can get weight problems from eating a lot of junk food. The child years obesity is definitely rising all over the world.


A brief history of Junk Food


Exactly what are junk foods and what are healthy foods


The affect between junk food


Preview Thesis: Today Let me share with you the history of unhealthy foods, the types of fast foods along with the healthy food, and the impacts among unhealthy foods.

Transition: 1st, I am going to reveal to you the history of junk foods Main Point you: The History of Junk Foods

Helping Materials

1 . Junk Foods is surely an informal meals that acquired no nutritional value 2 . Fast foods have what are considered unhealthy A. trans fats

B. tall fructose corn viscous syrup

C. shades

D. artificial additives

3. Junk Foods contains high level of unhealthy fats, salt or sugar some. When kids eat too much junk food the youngsters can become larger and obesity

Transition: Second of all, I am going to explain what junk foods are and what healthy foods are Primary Point 2: What are junk foods and exactly what healthy foods Supporting Materials

We. What are fast foods

1 . Junk foods are a form of food which may have either lipid disorders or calories from fat A. Cakes

B. Pizzas

C. Hamburgers

D. Your favorite ice cream

II. Precisely what are healthy foods

2 . Eating healthy food are an superb choice to generate instead of ingesting something harmful A. Frozen grapes clean

B. Pineapples

C. Strawberries

D. Plumps

E. Melon

F. Mangoes

Transition: Previous, I am going to reveal to you the influences among junk food Main Point 3: Precisely what are some impacts among fast foods?

Supporting Elements

I. Obesity can affect just about any organ system in the kid's body, which includes:...