Essay upon Opening Statement

This is the ability to hear of Dunn and Connections, in which the plaintiff must confirm on the equilibrium of probabilities that: 1 ) The accused was the occupier of the premises.

2 . About 10 Oct 2012 Doctor Bridges kept a party for 19 Castlecrag St Woollahra for his young child, Utmost Dunn and friends. a few. The individual attended the party

4. The plaintiff was pushed in the pool simply by another guests 5. The plaintiff was concussed and has neural damage to his neck resulting from his land 6. The defendant due a duty of car for the guests at the party, such as the plaintiff

The plaintiff can state that the defendant served with neglectfulness, as the girl failed to uphold a duty of care, and the incident took place as a result of her lack of responsibility of attention. The accused is of the opinion the Plaintiff do in fact work with neglect, and thus attempt to provide evidence that the:

* Defendant knew or perhaps should have regarded that liquor would be consumed at the get together. * Accused knew or perhaps should have regarded of the prospect of injury arising out of adolescents alcohol consumption near a pool 2. The accused allowed extreme alcohol consumption with the party. The defendant did not supervise the party 2. The accused did not guarantee the access to the pool was closed * Due to the defendant's breach of duty, the plaintiff suffered injuries.

The defence can prove on the balance of probabilities which the Defendant, Doctor Bridges was not negligent and did up hold her Duty of Care like a responsible mature and parent. She acted with forethought and examined the safety from the guests under her oversight on quite a few occasions. Thus stating the incident would not occur in the fault of the defendant.

The witnesses for the plaintiff are/were Tony Dunn, the victim of the incident and Steve Silva.

The witnesses for the defence are Doctor Bridges, who owns the areas and Maximum Bridges, child of Doctor Bridges. Today you will hear from both of our witnesses that on the 10th...