п»їNew world


a. exploration

origins of european development exploration

w. consequences


a. conquistadors had outstanding weapons/guns & horses

m. native american populations quickly shrank

c. death due to diseases through europeans

the spanish language empire

a. financed by gold and silver from americas

b. residents: died coming from diseases through the the spanish language some converted to christianity a lot of resisted by the spanish control colonies

spanish disposition

-appointed viceroys to regulation american

province/ areas

- council on the indies – set rules & supervised activities



spanish disposition

a. groupe could simply trade with spain

b. conquistadors were given encomiendas

c. allowed to pressure native americans to work

-- in mines

- upon plantations

a reaction to empire

a. some priests condemned program

b native americans begam to die by terrible conditions

c. us citizens brought to exchange them

imperialiste society & culture

a. indian africa, spanish

c nationalities blend

interpersonal classes

-peninsulares – the spanish language born

-creoles- american born/ spanish father and mother

-mesitizos and mullatoes- natives

additional european countries

a. smuggles/ cutthroat buccaneers from other countries in europe

traded illegally with colonists

m. pirates grabbed spanish portuguese ships


New world

-30 meters native persons -1492

loss of life toll

most affordable estimate- 90% end from the 17th century

10% wiped out by preventing

struggle for noth america


canada- french

eastern us- english

mexico & thus. Us – spain

french in canada

a- french began exploring coast of canada while sportfishing

1534- jacques audemars discovered st . lawrence lake

c- stated eastern canada for england

missionaries & traders

a-fur traders

b-operated in area & down mississippi river to gulf of mexico 1608- 1st long lasting french pay out at quebec

english colonies

a. john cabot/ english claimed newfoundland dog -1497

m england set up...