Mexican Warfare Essay

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Was the United States Justified in Going to War With Mexico?

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Was the United states of america Justified in Going to Warfare With South america?

Mexico and the United states of america were two nations who had different thoughts. Mexico was catholic that were people who were anti -slavery; this is to keep Texans beneath their control. Protestants was the opposite, these were for slavery. It wasn't long before the issues became a thing serious. Texans won their independence in 1836. Tx applied for annexation twice throughout nine years they received a not any both times. Mexico announced its independence in 1821 from Spain. In 1844 Polk became president. He presumed strongly in Manifest Success. He thought it was Goodness Plan that American become larger. Polk sent military to the southern Texas. May well 9 1846, Mexican military open terminated on American soldiers'. Either side blames the other, People in america blames the Mexican declaring they were bitten on American soil plus the Mexican says the Americans occupied their property. The dilemma seems to be over what Mexico thought was your proper border between Tx and Mexico which is the Nueces Riv. However , the American was unjustified in going to conflict with South america. The United States has not been justified in going to war with South america because Polk provoked it, Robbery of Land, and Expansion of Slavery. One particular reason the Mexican has not been justified was because Polk provoked it. Polk had written a message to the senate educating them in the order intended for the military to attack the for the Rio Enorme on Mexican troops. Almost all of Congress explained yes towards the war...

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