Drug trafficking in the United States

The topic that was selected was Drug Trafficking in the United States. The reason why this was selected was because there are so many problems that surround this topic. Problems are growing more and more annually. Some of these problems are not enough border patrol to stop medicines from coming into the U. S., more drugs each year are entering the U. S, medicine related fatalities are on the rise, as well as the funding to improve border patrol. There is a lots of information to research and argue about this topic. To limit this theme the plan is to choose a couple of the issues over. There is enough information to argue those points. The points to always be argued are generally not enough edge patrol, even more drugs will be entering the U. S. each year and drug related deaths in drug trafficking. The United States government must function to reduce drug trafficking with the addition of more boundary patrol. The nature of this problem is the government already spends enormous amounts each year planning to keep the medications from getting into the United States. Due to the increase in drugs entering and drug related deaths, they have to increase the quantity of representatives they have patrolling the borders. It would be more productive, however more costly. By simply increasing border patrol it will reduce the medications into the U. S. and reduce drug related deaths. There are a great number of Government websites and articles in the school library on this topic to reference while researching this matter. Scholarly journals, reference catalogs and some press articles are going to be the best types of resources to use in the research of drug trafficking. Finding those inside our catalogue, google college student and net have been the best sources to look for this information.

The U. S Government Homeland security says boundary patrol is much better staffed right now than it absolutely was 86 years back when they initially started patrolling the border. In 2010 they will got added funding to incorporate another you, 000 patrol. They now have got over 20, 000 agents. The United States...

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