Good afternoon ladies and gentleman. This afternoon I want to talk just a little about Maximum Weber's Bureaucracy. But first, without a doubt an article We read inside the newspaper granted a couple of months ago.

On January 21, 2013, Orlan Calayag was sworn in because the new Countrywide Food Expert administrator after Angelito Banayo resigned from his seat because of becoming accused of corruption and rice smuggling. Anyway, a few get back to the idea. Calayag is actually a dual citizen caregiver who used to live in America. The moment PNoy designated Calayag as the new officer of the department, the most common effect was: " Who? ”

According to Food authority's Charter, or Presidential Decree 6, every administrators and deputy administrators of the organization shall be " natural-born people of the Thailand, not less than more than 30 years of age, with proven integrity and integrity and of acknowledged managerial skills. ” Although Republic Action 9225 is present, a person who assumes any authorities position ought to renounce his foreign citizenship first. This kind of brought a whole lot of inquiries and arguments. Calayag never became a government established until this kind of January, never renounced his dual nationality or does his past work experience reveal " acknowledged managerial skills. ”

This scenario leads all of us to the so-called KKK which in turn brings us to Max Weber's idea of Bureaucracy. I would like to emphasise three qualities of paperwork. First, Label of labor and work field of expertise is used to straighten employees with the tasks. With this explained, Calayag and President Aquino defies the ‘work specialization' point mainly because Calayag does not specialize whatever may be associated with the tasks and works of an NFA administrator. Next will be Weber's, Managers should keep an gregario relationship with employees to market fair and equal remedying of all employees so that neutral decisions can be made. How do this in fact exist or happen among PNoy and Calayag when ever in the first place,...