Essay in Macro-Environment Analysis of Italy and 12 C Frames

Executive overview

The task starts with an introduction and Macro-environment analysis of Italy and 12 C frameworks. Macro environment is dependent on economic elements, social social forces, personal and technical things that affect the enterprise inside. It is crucial for a business to identify the possible personal risk t in the country. Personal risk is based on changes in the political environment that may have a direct impact on business. The politics factors include influence around the tax which the business needs to paid, the currency in the country and the business procedures that need to be carried out in order to be capable of open an enterprise in Italia. The economic factors are indicative with the economic steadiness of the country and are based upon the GDP, the global rank of doing business, the effect of tourism. The sociable environment contains the cultural differences between Italy and the US which is based on persons behaviour, the capacity to pay and the work recruitment method. The survey shows that individuals have changed their habits and life style to lower-cost actions as a result of the recession. The technology elements describe the benefits of employing e –marketing. The clothes/apparel market is analysed. This is a key factor as it shows who the primary leaders available in the market are. Assurer Five Forces Module really helps to identify competition based on potential entrants, customers power, substitutes, suppliers and competitive competition. The second portion describes the main challenges that the Italian market presents for the company to offer its products. The 3rd part is all about the conceivable entry module for Forever 21. The entry component is often chosen according to the efficiency development. The last part is all about the marketing mix as well as the elements that Forever twenty one needs to adjust to.

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Exec summary two List of articles 3 Launch 4 Physical area 5 Political factors 4-5 Economic factors 5-6 Social environment factors six Technologies factors 8-9 Foster five forces 9 Task 2 9-10 Task 3 Module admittance 10-11 Job 4 Advertising mix 10-11 Bibliography 12-13 Appendix 1: Starting a business in Italia 14 Appendix 2: Organization procedures 16 Appendix several: Country comparability 14 Graph 1 Europe retail market segment 2009 14 Graph 2 Italy Apparel market 15 Appendix 4 Hofsteade module of culture 15 Appendix your five Advertising multimedia in Italia 16


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Appendix 1Start a business

|Paying taxes |128

(Doing business 2011)

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