October fourth 2010

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How My personal Characteristics Will Affect My own Future

Who am I? To begin with my name is Kemudian. Like everybody else in the world I possess many confident and unfavorable characteristics. Three positive features that explain me ideal would be hilarious, caring, and outgoing. Everyone is able to pinpoint positive characteristics about themselves, nevertheless it's the unfavorable ones that are a little harder. Three unfavorable characteristics which i have are stubbornness, prokrastination, and disorganization. I was currently focusing on changing these negative attributes and they are something which I need to work with to be successful inside my future job.

Humor; it is a popular feature that people value to describe themselves. However , I truly believe that I humor people. Not only do my friends tell me I know how to place a smile issues face, yet throughout my children I'm referred to as jokester. For example , I used to execute little stand-up comedy activities for my family during holiday seasons. More specifically after Thanksgiving evening meal while everyone was filled with foodstuff, I'd go into the living space a try to generate my family chuckle so hard that they'd rush. Also, in the fifth and sixth grade talent show, me and a couple good friends did a comedy skit and had been very effective. In 6th grade, I had been a gourmet and there was a bunch of substances out on the table before me. I had been blindfolded and my hands were lurking behind my backside, so my good friend was my own hands for the skit. I would call out elements for the recipe and my friend whom could scarcely see might put the substances in the bowl. As you might have got guessed points got slightly messy and the crowd liked it. I was voted the very best act in the night and received gift cards to Barnes & Nobel (I was disappointed mainly because I'm not the biggest reader). Another characteristic that people show me I own is that of outgoingness.

Out bound; being cozy in social settings and interactions, and assured in...