John Snively

English language 10B


Lennie Smalls is a barley bucker. Hidden behind his enormous size, he is incredibly innocent. He doesn't know how things job. He has a very real mind and hasn't implemented any evils of the world. For instance , in the book, Lennie finds him self in Crooks' room, which usually few people have ever been in, primarily as they is dark. Crooks unwillingly lets Lennie into his room and tells him to set straight down. They enter into conversation in order to find themselves discussing how Criminals is not allowed in the bunkhouse. Lennie says, " For what reason ain't you wanted? ” The reason behind this kind of, in everyone else's brain, is quite apparent. However , Lennie is so blameless he will not understand that getting black means Crooks has to be separated from the white people of the ranch. Lennie shares this virtue with young children, and like young kids, he is extremely childish. Probably the best of example of Lennie's juvenile behavior is available in the beginning of the book once George blows up on Lennie after he admits that he enjoys his coffee beans with ketchup. George goes on about how better off he'd always be alone, without having to take proper care Lennie. Lennie's response to this is " If you don't want me, you only only gotta claim so , and I'll go off in individuals hills and live without any help. And I refuses to get forget about mice stole from me. ” Similar to child, if you tell them they're not wished somewhere or you get them raise red flags to, they will try to make you truly feel guilty and threaten to leave. Lennie's babyish patterns extends further than this. As a result of his child-state-of-mind, Lennie is also extremely touchy. He likes to feel and touch everything that interests him. For instance, towards beginning of the history, Lennie and George happen to be arguing more than Lennie's habbit of possessing mice and petting them. George brings up the rubber mouse that Lennie's Cousin Clara gave him. Lennie refused to continue to keep it because " It was not good to family pet. ” Lennie likes touching anything very soft or interesting, much like children in grocery stores. Despite the fact that...