Kristina Martic

ID # 2391762

Turning out to be American- " Latino Paradox”

Hispanic paradoxon, also known as Latino paradox and the " epidemiologic paradox”, identifies a finding that Hispanic and Latino Americans tend to have similar or even better well being outcomes than white Americans. We have found that higher socioeconomic statuses such as income and education will be related to better health and lower death prices. In this case, the specific situation is different. Since the doctor from your movie discussed, people often have a wrong opinion about Latinos in the united states. They often observe them because dirty people who have a lot of infectious disorders. This is not very true; Latinos in America are young and healthy people, and thoughts that they are those who drain the US health system is a fantasy. Even though these individuals had to move through a process of acculturation, which can be very nerve-racking, they managed to stay even healthier that the ones who have stay behind. One of the details is that they did not adapt completely to the new environment, and that they kept very strong family jewelry which are probably the most important features of their own tradition. These jewelry and friends and family closeness helped them to negotiate in the fresh country. However , when residing in America, it can be difficult to keep this kind of family ties is not easy. Following five or even more years of living in the US, Latinos become more likely to develop cardiovascular diseases also to be obese. The longer immigrants be in the US, the greater they struggle with discrimination, decrease paying careers, bad universities and poor housing. Many young Latinos drop out the college, and because of the cultural solitude, which they are generally not used to, various young Latino women dedicate suicide. Because these people are economically shaky, they can't stand to take days off when they are ill, and that makes them even more likely to develop several diseases.