PBSC Math Technology Institute Physics Course 2014 - Rocket Lab Survey

Title: RockSim and Digital Altimeter Measurement Techniques

Identity: Scarlet Henriquez

Email: [email protected] com

RESEARCH LABORATORY SESSION ___8____Assignment _____7_____

Deadline: ___7/8/14______


Launch a smaller rocket to find out how to assess RockSim forecasts (computer based) to an genuine instrument way of measuring carried by rocket (Electronic Altimeter).

This Lab displays how better the electronic measurement real-time accounts for environmental and physical conditions during flight that amore accurate.

Also this kind of illustrates for what reason Rockets inside the real world of rocketry employ telemetry/instruments to improve the accuracy (and are more comfortable with calibrate the Simulations)


Learn to make use of trigonometry techniques programmed in EXCEL pertaining to calculating executive type formulas to determine the hohe of an real flight of a Level 2 rocket which the students have built in the Lab. A 2-angle (observer) approach will be used while taught in previous Lab to get the discovered altitude.

A characteristic RockSim ruse will be used to put a controlled benchmark and a flown altimeter will probably be flown and this data will be used for a assessment to the 2-observer calculation performed from the noticed angles in Dyer Recreation area.


First Fly TooBoh Rocket in RockSim after which Fly this in Ball Field 1 . RockSim Calculations

1 . Pull-up TooBoh Rocket in RockSim

2 . Mount A8-3 Electric motor (A8 with 3 securities and exchange commission's delay) or perhaps B6-6 Engine (B6 with 6 securities and exchange commission's delay) 1 ) Choice will be different based on day time of start expected conditions (Winds? ) 3. Disappear in RockSim

4. Record Results for:

1 . Apogee (Max Altitude), Acceleration, Utmost velocity, Pushed Time, and so on As Demonstrated in Story (NEXT CHART) 5. We all will assess Altimeter-2 Results to these for how RockSim differs via Altimeter Precision 2 . Take flight TooBoh with A8-3 or perhaps B6-6 in Ball discipline and record Data for Each Student three or more. Each College student Writes up Lab Survey per assessing our in Lab RockSim flight of TooBoh for their Flight in the Ball Discipline 4. Research laboratory needs a recorders to receive data over a sheet for young students to use for his or her rocket trip Example of your data sheet is at Lab Lesson that will have got each person's Data coming from Altimeter in it……


RockSim Data:

Graph to get A8-3:

Chart for B6-4:

Altimeter Data


Acceleration in g's:

A8-3: (391 ft/s2 )/ (32 ft/s2)