Essay about Jyoti Dasani Murder Circumstance Legal Record


Report on Jyoti Dasani Murder Circumstance


Shivani Misra

21 December 2014


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The thing of this report is to present a detailed research of the Jyoti Dasani Homicide Case which took place throughout the late this summer in the city of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. This kind of report has been made for offering a detailed research of Jyoti's murder, to state the circumstances and conditions which will led to her murder and the way in which the murder was carried out. It will also present the steps needed which were considered for supplying justice to JYOTI and against the offender. It will also are the conclusion as well as the recommendations for the situation. This record is based on the results of a wide exploration. The data was collected making use of the information provided in various magazines and reports channels. The complete research was done mainly using the several online resources.


I would like to give my hearty gratitude to the NGO ‘Human Upliftment Movement' a. k. a. ‘HUM' to get giving me the amazing possibility to work on this interesting case study of the Jyoti Dasani Murder Case. It really is indeed an excellent opportunity for me to learn and gain even more knowledge on law. I might also like to thank my personal mentor Supporter Shikhar Dixit sir, mother and father and my buddies for their support. Thank You,

Shivani Misra


The case involves three people. Jyoti Dasani, Piyush Dasani and Manisha Makhija. Jyoti Dasani who was the sufferer in the case was your daughter of the renowed industrialist of Jabalpur, Shankar Nagdeo and the partner of the main conspirator of the case, Piyush Dasani. Piyush is the son of the billionaire biscuit baron, Om Prakash Dasani. The third person involved in the circumstance was Mahisha Makhija. Manisha is the little girl of a skillet masala souverain, the neighbor of the Dasani's and the female who was having an affair with Piyush Dasani. The lady was as well named among the primary conspirators of the case. Piyush Dasani apparently got his wife Jyoti Dasani murdered. Piyush was having a great extramarital affair with Manisha. Jyoti became aware about this reality. Piyush, as a result planned the murder of his own wife to eliminate her, worrying she might tell her important parents about her husband's affair during their visit to all their city for the festival of Raksha Bandhan. This happened during the later july of 2014. Piyush took Jyoti out for meal and during their very own return, he executed his plan with the help of his friends- Renu, Sonu, Ashish and Awadhesh, the driver of Manisha. He him self got Jyoti kidnapped sometime later it was, after finding a safe area, the kidnappers we. e his friends stabbed her on the back a few times and made her bleed to death. It was the summary of the Jyoti Dasani Tough Case.


Jyoti Dasani murder case. This is a case about a dude who had awesome no good trigger. She paid the price for being oblivious of her partner's real motives and for being unaware of the simple fact that her husband can actually go to the degree of getting rid of her pertaining to marrying his paramour. The lady's brand is Jyoti Dasani. Jyoti, a 27 year old female and the daughter of a renowed Industrialist of Jabalpur, Mister. Shankar Nagdeo. Mr. Shankar Nagdeo is also the vice president of the Mahakaushal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a huge corporation. She got married merely 16 months back and feels like that was all until it could previous. She was married to the...

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