Whenever you are put into a scenario where you have to make a decision, the opinion window blinds you from your truth; or as Henry Fonda-from Twelve Angry Men-said, " And wherever you run into it, prejudice constantly obscures the reality. ” This kind of quote is usually valid because there are characters in Twelve Angry Men who also let their prejudice control their decision to improperly judge the defendant.

Juror 3 helps demonstrate the quote to be true because he is usually prejudice against young men who think they may be tough. For example , " It's the kids. The \way they may be you know? They don't listen…I hate challenging kids! ” Juror 3 hates hard kids mainly because his kid became difficult and retaliated against him. This is among the the literary element discord. Juror 3 has an inner conflict with himself mainly because he's crazy at his son so that he would but still really loves him.

Juror seven can help prove the quote to be true as they is misjudgment against immigrants such as Juror eleven. For example , " What do you indicate, I don't understand it? Whom do you think you are to talk to me like that?... he's telling us how to run the present. ” Juror seven is definitely prejudice against immigrants mainly because Juror eleven always corrects him nevertheless Juror eight feels that Juror 11 shouldn't right him because he is by America and was born right here but , Juror eleven was born in another country. Juror seven posseses an external conflict because Juror eleven is usually an immigrant.

Juror eight helps confirm the offer to be true too because he is misjudgment against persons from the slums. For example , " …How are you able to believe this kid is innocent? Seem, you know the individuals lie…” Juror ten is prejudice against people through the slums as they says they are no good liars, they fight and destroy, and they're drunks. Juror ten is characterized as a hurtful because through his comments and actions during the play, it is clear to see his racism towards persons from the slums. His bias controls his decision to...