Jem - Characteristics Essay

Idiotic Mindset

In the beginning of the book, Jem is presented because childish and adventurous. There are many scenes of Jem, Search and Dill just enjoying yourself, ‘playing out characters' and ‘improving [the] treehouse'. Jem himself describes Boo since ‘about half a dozen and a half foot tall', he ‘dined upon raw squirrels and virtually any cats he could catch'. The fact that Jem is convinced this reveals how childish Jem's brain can be. Through this, it shows just how children see the world in a simpler method, just considering when to ‘play in the backyard' and not the need to worry about worldly problems. This contrasts up against the general concept of the the publication, segregation. Jem first displays an adventurous streak when Dill tells him to go and ‘touch' the Radley place. Perhaps this kind of foreshadows the courage this individual has down the road in the book, just like after the contest when Look and Jem are bitten by Frank Ewell.

Role and Upbringing

Jem is quite a respected character within the publication who is often presented because having even more knowledge and a higher level of education than most adults in the town of Maycomb. He helped develop Scout as he views that Boo Radley " wants to stay inside” inspite of their games portraying an extremely different condition of him being " locked in the courthouse basement” and " shut … up” inside. Jem and Scout's solid relationship is usually shown his or her connection through the entire book weakens but in the end strengthens because they emotionally develop- Jem becomes a " gentleman” just like Atticus. He evolves earlier than Search opening up to the brutal globe this is shown through his reactions inside the court scene, though Scout misunderstands initially as she assumed Jem's reaction of his hand " tighten[ing] around” the " balcony rail” was him just " trying to become dramatic”


Jem's growing up is quick and radical compared to Scouts. Scout remarks that ‘Jem and I initial began to component company' when Jem goes to get his trousers, and that ‘sometimes [she] did not figure out him. Jem...

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