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п»їThis front side sheet should be completed by the learner wherever appropriate and included with the job submitted to get assessment. Device 3: Health, Safety and Security in Health and Interpersonal Care Program: BTEC Extended Diploma in Health and Interpersonal Care

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Assessor Term: Fola Oyebola

Internal Verifier: Jayne Boyns

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Hazards in settings

Job Ref: 3a

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Explain potential dangers and the injury that may come up from each in a overall health or sociable care establishing Yes/No


Carry out a risk examination in a wellness or cultural care placing Yes/No


Assess the risks identified inside the health or social attention setting Yes/No


Help to make recommendations in relation to identified problems

to reduce the risks to the service end user group


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Learning outcome:

1 . Figure out potential hazards in health and social care

2 . Manage to implement a risk analysis

Task one particular

Situation: You are working and supporting individuals in a health or perhaps social care environment [e. g. residential label older people or individuals with learning difficulties, working day centre or maybe a nursery]. The manager has agreed to include a small number of learners coming from a local school to undertake some work experience. The learners possess a general understanding of basic risks but not specifically related to health insurance and social proper care environments

a. Write a survey that pinpoints a range of potential hazards and hazardous actions in the into the social proper care environment and explain the potential harm that may arise. [P1] Minimum 500 words]

Task 2 .

Scenario: Your manager has asked one to help them to carry out and file a risk assessment to get an activity to get a group of support users.

Choose an activity, then:

Write a brief account giving an overview of the activity

Carry out a risk assessment of the activity – you can use the template presented[P3] Accurately assess the identified risks [give reasons for the assessment] [M2] Help to make recommendations in relation to the determined hazards [these should be evidence primarily based [D1] Lowest 1000 phrases

Amy Fyson

Health and Social Care Level 3 Additional

Into the Safety.

Process 1

The hazards that may arise throughout a health or perhaps social care environment. -Wet floors/Spillages

-Unlocked gates

-Medication unwatched

-Hot refreshments

-Untidy rooms/floors

-Low door deals with

In both a Nursery and a proper care home damp floors and spillages can be a huge threat to any person; they could slip/trip and seriously harm themselves.

In both a nursery and a attention home likewise unlocked doorways are also a hazard, children could potentially open the doors to flee, or snare fingers or perhaps feet and also unlocked entry doors in a care home is very hazardous as they could also get away and damage themselves in the process.

Unwatched medication is mostly very unsafe in a care home establishing where elderly people are in need of...