Essay on Cultural Captivation Project

Cultural Concentration Project DB Pt two

Betty Finney

My social immersion concentrate is on the religious battle in Nigeria. One of the interesting things I found in my research was that, in Nigeria the Christian trust and the Muslim faith presents the greatest percentage of religions. I as well learned that the Christians and Muslims hope every day a couple of times a day. With that being said, I considered if that they believed in an increased entity prayed every day, who they are praying to? And what is their opinion system based upon? (question 1) Since their very own Christian faith seems to be divided into Catholic, Protestant or some various other, I decided to go to a typical Catholic Church service and a Friday mid-day Muslim prayer service. Could be I should not need used the phrase typical to spell out a Catholic Church service. Me, becoming from a culturally full Baptist history, it was not typical. Initial let me begin by saying, Street Joseph Catholic Church is Macon Atlanta, is one particular beautiful chapel on the inside, nevertheless the service it is self was extremely long and somewhat boring. From a Baptist history, I definitely had a tradition shock. To find the feel of the church, I arrived extremely early. Since I was a visitor, they welcomed me, I filled out a visitor's information card and I was result in a seats. The apaiser is vocal singing as I am just being lead to a chair, so I'm assuming this can be a Praise & Worship portion of the order of service. Again I say, " Coming from a Baptist background within an African American church, our Praise & Worship time is much different. Following the song, the priest announced the opening prayer with repeated poems. The priest would the verse initially and then immediately, the members would duplicate the verse. I think they will refer to this kind of part of the support as the Kyrie. Then another priest said one more pray and began to tell somewhat of your story. My spouse and i didn't quite get it, however it looked as though the rest of the members received that well. Following your story showing, we hugged everybody around us...

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