Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work Book Review Essay

Snakes Suits

Once Psychopaths Go To Work

Book Review


Antoinette Foster-Shaw

EDD 9100


Nova Southeastern University

The spring 19, 2011


Dogs in Suits: When Psychopaths Go To Operate (2007) can be described as compelling and realistic publication

that openly examines corporate psychopaths. This book can help the reader exceed the

stereotypes put on psychopaths. The authors will be two psychiatrist; Dr . Robert Babiak and

and Dr . Robert What who both have performed extensive research in psychopathy. These authors

have shown how psychopaths slither not merely their way into someones personal lives but also

the workforce with devious methods and strategies. The main tool of a verruckter is disarming

panache with the lack of empathy, remorse, and pity. Their mind is constantly searching for

aspects to start the games of deceit. Additionally they represent assurance, strength, peace, and

always seem right for the position offered. Evaluation, manipulation, abandonment, and ascension

will be the phases of psychopathic habit which are concisely explained in very simple conditions for

easy understanding. The stages enable someone to understand fully each period that is

relevant in a psychopath's procedure towards all their main desired goals of success. The writers

have got clearly shown how the strategies of manipulation and deceit come from the very

beginning stages with the hiring process. Dr . Babiak and Dr . Hare have clearly shown

countless types of case studies with information which uncover the true dissimilarities of

criminally outrageous individuals and psychopaths. These types of psychopaths rise up the corporate ladder

utilizing disingenuous skills whilst abusing persons on their method up until they have accomplished

what they want and need. Psychopaths choose their victims early in the game by simply controlling, and

abandoning them when ever there is no longer a need for people individuals. A large number of case studies and

examples display how psychopaths work from day to day with charisma as unwanted organisms and

predators. Until the psychopath decides the time has come to leave they usually have gotten the

corporation or department within a state of confusing circumstances. When the psychopath feels the 2

time is right to keep they hardly ever look back to see how their conniving actions include

afflicted innocent people or the firm. The verruckter can perform tremendous harm and

failure to label all of them could destroy lives or perhaps the company. Frontrunners must watch out for the red flags,

have a stand, and respond with greater intelligence to protect the organization and personnel from

the manipulation, deceit, and abuse.

Each chapter begins using a case study from your authors personal experience, and

helping evidence. Section 1; Good Suit, Could a Fish Wear This sort of a Nice Fit? Gives a short

introduction plus a proper example of a psychopath within a corporation as well as the destruction that

was caused. It ends with the personnel celebrating having a deep perception of relief that the

psychopath has left the company. Section 2; Who have Are These People? Describes in concise

detail a psychopath, the traits and domains that exist. These domain names and attributes include:

interpersonal, affective, lifestyle, and antisocial. Phase 3; The things you See Will not be What

You see is a great chapter that explains the phases and characteristics of your psychopath.

These stages comprise of: analysis. manipulation, abandonment, and ascension. Chapter four;

Psychopathic Manipulation: Just how Did He Do That? Talks about the a genuine and interactions

that occurs...

References: Bakiak, P. & What, R. G. (2007). Dogs in Matches: When Psychopaths go to Operate. (1st education. ).

New York, NEW YORK: HarperCollins Inc.

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