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CivilВ DisobedienceВ

AВ freeВ societyВ isВ oneВ thatВ isВ describedВ asВ aВ communityВ inВ whichВ eachВ citizenВ isВ independentВ andВ

works solely toward their own personal goals.  ​

AlthoughВ sometimesВ depictedВ asВ efficientВ andВ lessВ

problematic due to its structure,  societies such as these eliminate any trace of a true human connection or individualism.  ​

In ​

Fahrenheit 451 ​

by Ray Bradbury,  protagonist Guy Montag sets out on an impossible task to reveal knowledge from the past by performing acts of civil disobedience that challenge his society along with all those living in it; however,  Montag's character must go through dramatic changes in order to do so.  In a community where books are burned and those who possess them and the wisdom they hold are killed or admitted into insane asylums,  Montag has to discover the truth behind books despite the danger it brings him.  ​ Not only is Montag putting himself at risk,  but he is also jeopardizing his marriage with his wife,  Mildred,  as well as his relationship with his boss,  Beatty,  who is skeptical of the secrets Montag is hiding. ​  In ​

Fahrenheit 451​

, В byВ RayВ Bradbury, В GuyВ

Montag'sВ characterВ goesВ throughВ drasticВ changes, В whichВ enableВ himВ toВ performВ actsВ ofВ civilВ disobedienceВ andВ influenceВ othersВ inВ theВ societyВ aroundВ him. В В В

В В В В 

InВ " TheВ HearthВ andВ theВ Salamander”, В theВ realizationВ andВ developmentВ MontagВ experiencesВ asВ aВ characterВ allowsВ himВ toВ challengeВ theВ governmentВ andВ performВ actsВ ofВ civilВ disobedience. В ToВ theВ restВ ofВ societyВ Montag'sВ characterВ isВ viewedВ asВ anВ everydayВ citizen. В NotВ onlyВ isВ heВ marriedВ toВ hisВ wife, В Mildred, В whoВ staresВ atВ theВ televisionВ allВ dayВ watchingВ theВ government'sВ brainwashingВ shows, В butВ inВ additionВ MontagВ hasВ oneВ ofВ theВ mostВ importantВ jobsВ inВ hisВ society, В aВ fireman. В AtВ theВ beginningВ ofВ theВ

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book,  these two aspects of Montag's life contribute to making him one of the most loyal citizens within his society,  seemingly incapable of ever rebelling against the government.  As a fireman,  Montag's number one priority is to find any last trace of books existing in his community and to burn them.  The job of a fireman is highly respected within Montag's community because of the government's strict policy on books; they believe that books hold wisdom and knowledge too controversial to the world,  and should be burned because of it.  ​

AtВ first, В MontagВ enjoysВ hisВ jobВ asВ aВ fireman, В heВ says, В " ItВ wasВ aВ pleasureВ toВ burn. В ItВ wasВ aВ pleasureВ toВ seeВ thingsВ blackenedВ andВ changed. ” (1). ​ В ByВ sayingВ so, В MontagВ

shows how at the beginning of the book he is a very one­dimensional person much like the rest of the contemporary society.  The utter destruction and burning associated with his job brings pleasure to Montag,  and he is content living in a life where he is being completely controlled by the government.  Montag doesn't even question what his purpose in life is or why he is doing what he is doing,  he just does it because he is told to do so.  As the first book continues,  Montag's character is exposed to new concepts including a neighbor,  Clarisse,  who questions Montag about his life and then mysteriously disappears.  In addition,  he encounters a woman,  who continues to burn her collection of books along with herself because she would rather die than live a life without them. ​

ItВ isВ duringВ theseВ eventsВ whenВ MontagВ hasВ hisВ trueВ callВ toВ excitement, В andВ uncharacteristicallyВ beginsВ toВ stealВ books. ​ В Finally, В heВ admitsВ toВ hisВ wife, В butВ moreВ

importantlyВ toВ himselfВ that, В " IВ suddenlyВ realizedВ IВ didn'tВ likeВ themВ[theВ firemen]В atВ all, В andВ IВ didn'tВ likeВ myselfВ atВ allВ anymore. В AndВ IВ thoughtВ maybeВ itВ wouldВ beВ bestВ ifВ theВ firemenВ themselvesВ wereВ burnt. ” (64). В MontagВ nowВ realizesВ thatВ before, В burningВ wasВ theВ onlyВ thingВ fulfillingВ himВ inВ life, В butВ allВ alongВ theВ burningВ wasВ whatВ causedВ himВ toВ strayВ awayВ fromВ theВ ultimateВ fulfillment, В theВ knowledgeВ withinВ books. В...

Reported: Bradbury,  Ray.  ​

Fahrenheit 451​

. В NewВ York: В SimonВ andВ Schuster, В 1967. В Print.