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The death of Alauddin in AD 1316 was a signal of detrimental war and a scramble for electricity amomg compete with parties. Malik Kafur eliminated the princes one by one, and assumed electrical power as a regent. However , the slaves of Alauddin hatched a conspiracy theory against him, and Kafur was murdered. The last Khalji ruler was Khusrao Khan who was slain by in AD 1320. The hobereau, who were tired of the mayhem and distress, raised Ghias-ud-din tuglaq, also called as Ghazi Malik, to the tub in AD 1320. Ghias-ud-din Tuglaq

Ghias-ud-din built a brand new city close to Delhi, which was named Tughlaqabad, after the dynasty. He accomplished military campaigns against Pratap Rudra Dev of Warangal who was conquered and his disposition was annexed. Bengal was also penetrated and some a part of it was annexed to the empire. He launched a few management reforms. This individual removed damaged official and appointed honest and successful official inside the government. Go up of The New Kingdoms

The decline in the power of the sultanate triggered the go up of a volume of new kingdoms various parts from the country in the 14th and 15th generations. The important regional kingdoms were, Bengal, Assam, Orissa, Jaunpur, Gujarat, Malwa, Mewar, Kashmir, Punjab etc . Invasion of Timur

Amir Timur, also called as Timur the Lame, was the head of the Chagatai Turks in Central Asia. This individual set out pertaining to India coming from Samarkand with 92, 500 horseman. This individual plundered pitilessly and left behind a trail of blood vessels, torture and bodies of men, ladies and children. You are able to that after the invasion, Delhi lay in the death of throes of famine for months and a bird was seen shifting. The breach of Timur was a fatal blow for the Tughlaq Empire from which it might never retrieve. The attack also opened the way for the invasion of India by his wonderful grandson Babur, a century later. Token Foreign currency...

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