Corporate Social Determination – Lasting Development

Star Cement gives perfect importance to sustainable expansion for environmentally friendly economic efficiency in the complete North East, India. CMCL is committed to communities in remote aspects of our physical map the place that the company essentially operates. In this region of North East, CMCL has undertaken number of initiatives under its corporate sociable responsibility programme for the upliftment of society lifestyle and employability of this place. The major projects are Project Employability, Task Housing, Job Education, Job Hospital & Medicines.

Project Employability

Star Cement gives equal importance of employability for the locals with this region. Project Employability focuses on creating lasting livelihoods for local residential areas at Lumshnong and its adjacent villages. The idea of the task is to build communities which can be more qualified and competent of sustaining themselves independently by taking advantage of the company's competence, knowledge and competencies, instead of merely providing continued economic support. That directly gives solutions to the critical community problem of unemployment, through a method, which can be " development” oriented and lays the building blocks for long term success with the society. Technically, the objective should be to equip the city members with skills and knowledge that make sure they are employable.

Time and again Superstar Cement supplies equal opportunity to local community young ones to be involved in employment interviews at individual skill pieces as well as provide proper grooming methods simply by attending specialist training classes at Lumshnong Plant areas by executing classes " Prayas”. Superstar Cement also employs group youths operating at local contractors featuring them adequate opportunity to grow in this competitive world.

Task Housing

The objective of Task Housing is usually to promote and enhance the use of cement in houses with this remote North-East Meghalaya & neighboring claims in order to provide secure and comfortable refuge. Since 60% of the population in this area of the country are in rural areas, the task is largely geared to meet countryside housing & backward community shelters.

The current utilization of cement in the rural populace is abysmally low. An overwhelming majority of country homes will be " solid wood or mud” in characteristics and are created of off-road, thatch, bamboo sheets etc . The Indian census 2001 features revealed that lower than 12% of roofs and 22% of floors in the rural areas are made of cement/ concrete.

Superstar Cement Task Housing, which in turn we initiated during 2004-05 incorporating modern tools, has become each of our priority location. The goal of the project is usually to design secure houses with our latest technology and our skilled manpower, that are replete with basic amenities and provide a platform due to the replication across geographies.

Task Education

Star Cement committed to provide literacy and education to any or all communities with this region. In the quest for literacy and education in this region it includes opened a school at its Lumshnong, Plant Grounds. It has tied up with leading Educational Trust (Vidya Bharati Education Trust) to name its university as " CMCL – Vidya Bharati School Lumshnong”. It is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi pattern certainly curriculum. At the moment it provides up to VIIth class, of around 90 students comprising of personal employee's children and local community children via Lumshnong community and its adjacent villages.

Project Clinic

Being proudly located in a remote control area together with the closed developed cities just like Shillong and Silchar at a minimum distance of 110 kms from the internet site, it becomes critical for us to supply for drugs and a hospital. In its strive for health insurance and safety, Celebrity Cement made major contribution in building and having a community Medical center within the grow premises. The corporation opened its doors to local neighborhoods and its...