Count of Monte Cristo MaskPoem Project Essay

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Edmond wears a number of masks over the Count of Monte Cristo. In some parts he covers his true feelings about people and in some parts he openly confronts all of them. The people inside the Masque in the Red Death shadow a mask over them. They will fear loss of life yet they try to cover it.

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What kinds of face masks do persons wear? For what reason?

People wear all kinds of face masks. They have on masks to hide their take pleasure in or admirations for people. That they wear masks to try to act cool and straightforward going since they're insecure. Girls plus some guys use masks to get with individuals all the time. The majority of disgruntled people also wear a cover up so they can manage to get thier way or perhaps feel better about themselves. What kind of masks do I wear? So why?

I have on a few face masks. I hide my feelings against people in order to be well mannered. I hide my worried admiration for persons.

Like many others

We wear your covers,

The covers that mask each of our face

For taking our accurate personality's place.

Behind this mask lies,

Deeper emotions inside

Emotions about love, grace, and happiness

Yet on the outside it is just less

Contemporary society has pressured us put on this cover up

This cover up of suffering and blandness

Sometimes I open up my thoughts

And let almost everything fly out to express

With the feelings of no repent.

My face mask has slots in that however

At times I can get away

With the feeling of balance

I am able to freely live my life

For the extent of my delight

My affection and appreciate

Hidden at the rear of a wall of low self-esteem

Every time I actually advance

My spouse and i get ripped back by doubts and lies

It appears these days

That period goes by therefore fast

The mask offers seemed to possess welded on its own in place

With no time to digital rebel or modify

I must get along with its ways

But quickly I will break free

And my own old life will be a issue of the previous

I can currently see the heavens of green

And the atmosphere of white colored

The better days happen to be yet to come

Once i leave my own mask in shambles.

To get I dislike this face mask

This hide that culture has falsified to limit our minds

To limit our freedom

I will attract over my mask...

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