Congo Essay

Cindy Hurtado May of sixteen, 2014

AFR 1461

Professor Orwel


Congo's natural riches can be considered being a curse and a benefit. Its normal resources fascinated many undesirable leaders triggering pain and destruction to folks. This failure followed the historic atrocities of Ruler Leopold from the Belgians' personal state (1885-1908), the deadly chaos after independence in 1960, and the growing problem under Mobutu's long guideline from 1965 to 1997. The country's history regains many painful memories and shows the way the Democratic Republic of the Congo has come to be today.

King Leopold of the Belgians was considered as the butcher of Congo. Having been responsible for the deaths and mutilation of 10 , 000, 000 Congolese Africans during the past due 1800's. California king Leopold II of Athens laid personal claim to Congo with the help of Holly Morton Stanley, who was a Welsh reporter and manager. He was given right to Congo to improve the lives of the native inhabitants but he ignored the conditions and happened to run the Congo using a mercenary force intended for his personal gain.

In 1876, Leopold formed the philanthropic corporation " Intercontinental African Association" and became its single shareholder. Under the fabrication of missionary work and westernization of African people, Leopold employed the organization to further his plans of empire building inside the hope of bringing intercontinental prestige to relatively tiny Belgium. In reality, the Foreign African Connection was a car to enslave the people from the Congo River Basin and enrich Leopold.

Leopold taken out a fortune through the Congo by collection of off white and the within the price of rubber in the 1890s. He required the people to get sap coming from rubber crops and villages were required to meet quotas on plastic collections. Individuals who failed to fulfill the rubber quotas set by Belgian representatives were whipped with the chicote or all their hands had been cut off. 20 strokes in the chicote...

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