A. Asal

Movie theater 121

Harpur Cinema Survey

November 16 2009


The movie " Nosferatu” is a superb movie, which will a lot of aspects of filmmaking and movie theater can be seen. The present movies made about vampires still have the same qualities and characteristics as this movie, which has been made at 1920s. In addition to this, how libido is stated and shadows are used will be the other two aspects that may catch viewers attention.

A large number of production corporations have been making movies and TV series regarding vampires for many years. Society, is definitely interested in the creepy, hallow and the strange. Especially in countries where there are myths regarding vampires, in addition to such communities where Halloween is famous. The " vampire” picture displayed in Nosferatu has many similar aspects as the vampires exhibited in today's film productions. Vampire are attired the same way; they have the same eliminating abilities, similar wants, precisely the same needs. There is the whole notion of biting from your neck and sucking blood vessels and many more. These similarities make us understand that, this film can actually be looked at as one of the important movies, where whole concept of vampire's had been first based upon and were fully expressed in cinema. It can be very easily observed that many filmic components have stayed the same because the time this kind of film was released, until the present times. This is also the reason, how come many persons, is known to think about this movie being a true masterpiece.

Today, sexuality is still one of the greatest taboos. Even though it has been even more expressed in the present movies, particularly in the past it was barely indicated throughout videos. Producers weren't able to forecast how contemporary society would respond towards libido used in all their films, is to do to the thoughts and ethnical qualities simply little amounts of sexuality were used in films. These kinds of " sexual” scenes were mostly relevant to romance and were also indicated as passionate innocent actions. Examples for such behaviors can be, a...