Nokia is a Finnish multinational communications corporation focused on wireless and wired telecoms. It is the world's largest manufacturer of mobiles.

Marketing concept can be applied in their marketing strategy. Marketing concept articulates that achieving organizational desired goals depends on knowing the needs and wants in the target marketplaces, and delivering the desired satisfactions better than competitors do.

Nokia supporters that the advancement technology arises for people, their very own slogan " Connecting People” which is also the vision and goal from the organization, expresses their focus on people. Nokia believes that consumer desire leads the business and the market. In 21st century, Nokia realized that traditional mobile phone function and use no more satisfy customers' needs and wants, cellphone is not just producing and receiving messages or calls, customers want more using their products.

To satisfy this growing demand and expanded expectations, Nokia has been presenting new principles, elements, features and innovative developments into their items to fulfil customer targets. For example , Nokia launched the " E Series” mobile phone for professional customers who have require easy access to e-mail, with introduction of the QWERTY keyboard and push-mail support. For young audiences who are after multimedia entertainment, the " D Series” mobile phone was designed with high quality camera functions and enhanced net browsing functions, the " XpressMusic Series” comes with high quality music player and specific processor chip.

Nokia's durability and its market leadership are result of their ability to meet customers' changing and diversifying expectations, providing good ideals and even going above their anticipations. Nokia has built trust of its clients far better than their competitors.

Nokia " XpressMusic 5800”[Appendix 1] mobile phone is certainly one of their primary products, released recently, which will emphasizes the functions and the qualities of a mobile music...