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Executive Summary

The goal of this record, using Drogheda town since the location, should be to develop a good idea for a new tourism enterprise/business and essentially create a pitch including a crafted business and marketing plan for the travel enterprise. The authors are determined on the strategy of creating a Package Travel programme with an office located within Dublin along with a website in which tourists is able to see full details what is available, including prices and info. There will include an eye-catching tiny brochure, that will briefly illustrate and make clear what the firm, " Drogheda Tours Ltd” has to offer for Drogheda. The employers can buy rooms in the local hotels to accommodate travelers and bundle them with a guided tour from our experienced history and lifestyle loving Guides. As well as the leaflet and internet site for ad, we will use other Marketing Tools and PR (Public Relations) just like Social Media we. e. Facebook and Myspace. In relation to the Dublin structured office, the routine would be to broaden and develop the company's business office facilities to Belfast and Athlone after we have proceeded to bring in earnings and generate profits in the future. It would be a fantastic project to purchase so that Drogheda itself will certainly in turn advantage and cash in on increased tourist numbers. The primary target market pertaining to the business will probably be on Northern Ireland and other parts of britain (U. K), domestic visitors and those moving into and about Dublin. The main reason the company chose to focus on the U. K market section is due to the very fact that Drogheda is stuffed with history of the battle in the Boyne and Cromwell, being a part of equally Irish and English record.

Business Plan

Executive Summary

Drogheda Tours will begin operations this season and provide traditions and adventure/travel packages to the people in Dublin, Belfast and England location. An opportunity intended for Drogheda Excursions success is available because the countrywide and Worldwide tourism and travel sector is growing by 4%, and adventure travelling at 10% annually. (REFERENCE FIGURES) Further, the Woodville adventure travelling market is growing at least 12% yearly and there are zero providers who specialize in experience travel in the greater Dublin area. Drogheda Tours ideas to take advantage of this kind of growth and lack of competition with an experienced staff, good location, and effective managing and marketing. The company's desired goals over the subsequent three years will be:

•Sales of €150, 1000 by 12 months three.

•Achieve 15% of sales on the internet.

•Develop strategic marketing with service providers country wide and internationally, In order to obtain these desired goals Drogheda Trips needs to give attention to the three crucial areas of: •Effective segmentation and targeting of group head to within the much larger travel market. •Successfully location ourselves as adventure travel specialists. •Agent for car and bus hire

•Organized occasions in Drogheda, Ireland

•Communicate the differentiation and quality of the offering through personal connection, media, and regional promoting. •Develop a repeat-business foundation of loyal customers to be able to create enough sales. Drogheda Tours will be a sole proprietorship owned and operated in Dublin Ireland. The president and personnel of Drogheda Tours is experienced travel industry professionals and are passionate about those activities will showcase and offer. Drogheda Tours total start-up capital requirement is approximately €????. Start up will be loaned through the owner's personal expenditure and a long-term notice of €??? Secured through the Bank. The travel agency companies are competitive, and technology, namely the Internet and Computerized Booking Systems (CRS), has changed just how travel organizations operate. The world wide web gives organizations and persons the ability to execute travel related research. Low cost airfare broker agents have taken benefit of the Internet by providing tickets on the net at discounted rates....

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