The Dark-colored & Decker Manufacturing Business was founded in 1910 by Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker. The company only manufactured dairy cap machines and candy diapers until 1916. In 1916 the business introduced the first power tool, a portable half-inch electric drill. Throughout the next 40 (40) years, Black & Decker became the leader in the power equipment and power tool accessories industry. In the 1980s the company started inquiring others, such as Emhart Corporation and General Electric powered (GE). During this period Black & Decker Developing Company improved its name coming from Black & Decker Corporation to indicate its new emphasis on " being even more marketing driven” rather than being merely engaged in manufacturing. Because of these acquisitions, Black & Decker went through a very hard time. In 1985, the organization hired Nolan D. Archibald as leader and main operating police officer (CEO). Beneath his leadership the Dark & Decker started to turn-around their sells, although this has proved to be an extremely long voyage. In order to do this kind of, many of the corporations acquired simply by Black & Decker through the Emhart acquisition, where acquired by other companies. Approach

In order to help the Black & Decker Firm, the Strengths, Weaknesses, Chances, Threats (SWOT) analysis was used. One of the strengths that Dark-colored & Decker had was your acquisition of Emhart and Basic Electric; nevertheless both of this acquisition started to be potential disadvantages and dangers before the provider's turnaround. The business was primary in the industry of power equipment and power tool accessories which was one of its strengths, however there were other opponents coming on the scene looking to become the primary producer in the small appliances, which has been a company bought from Basic Electric. Benefits


•Acquisition of others that were not doing so well. •Introduction of new appliances into the marketplace.

•The hiring of highly sought after president/CEO.