Application of Clinical Psychology Paper

Group B

PSY/480 – Elements of Clinical Mindset

October summer, 2014

Janice Williams

The Affective (or Mood) Disorders and Committing suicide

The efficient disorders also called mood disorders refers to a group of diagnoses inside the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders category system, where a person's habit, thoughts, and emotions is usually affected by all their mood (" Mood Disorder - Wikipedia, The Free of charge Encyclopedia", 2014). The disorders within feeling disorders will be divided into 3 classifications, that are major depressive disorder, postpartum depression, and bipolar disorder, and while the signs and symptoms inside all three classifications revolves around disposition, they can differ to a certain extent. Case in point, irritability, exhaustion, and the feeling of worthlessness happen to be symptoms within just all three classifications but a change in hunger is a symptom displayed simply by those who have main depressive disorder; significant anxiety is a sign displayed by those who have following birth depression; and poor judgment and poor temper control are symptoms displayed by those who have bipolar disorder. Using the causes of major depressive disorder, postpartum depressive disorder, and bipolar disorder remains to be unknown yet there are many who believe that their particular biological, mental, environmental, and social factors that may play a role in the advancement the disorders. Many individuals through history possess struggled with these disorders, and some passed away because the disorder consumed their lives or perhaps they did not seek treatment. Virginia Woolf was a talented writer whom struggled with bipolar disorder and in the worsening of hers struggles with bipolar disorder the girl committed committing suicide. Throughout the rest of this newspaper a brief review of the Virginia Woolf circumstance would be presented; the natural, psychological, and social elements involved with the situation will be talked about; and surgery that would be suitable in the field of medical psychology about the case will probably be explained. A summary of the Virginia Woolf Circumstance

Virginia Stephen was born in the year of 1882 to a well-known editor Sir Leslie Sophie and his partner in Cambridge, England (Meyer, Chapman, & Weaver, 2009). She was your second of 4 children, although also had four elderly siblings by her parents' previous partnerships; two half-sisters and two half-brothers. The oldest with the four half siblings was institutionalized for mental health concerns during the many her life. As a child Va loved to see and desired to go to university, but due to the cultural instances she was unable to attend. Coming from a relatives that pressured intellectual achievements Virginia rather taught herself English literary works and received private lessons in the two Latin and Greek. When Virginia was five-years-old Va was being sexually assaulted by her more mature half-brother as well as the other half-brother also commenced assaulting her by the time the girl was a adolescent. At the age of 13 Virginia's mother died and her half-sister took over the role of mother (Meyer, Chapman, & Weaver, 2009). This emaciated Virginia and she skilled a panic attack that was accompanied by a period of depression; it was the initially occurrence of Virginia's mental disturbances, but would not become her previous. It was now that Virginia's doctor approved time outside to treat her mental state. 8 weeks later her half-sister/caretaker Stella died and Virginia's sibling Vanessa had taken on the function of caretaker. When Virginia was 22-years-old her daddy also passed away causing Virginia to experience an additional major course in mental health. Va experienced headaches, irritation, guilt, and delusions; she refused to eat and ultimately hopped out the window in an attempt at committing suicide. Her doctor prescribed rest. As a grownup Virginia dropped a sibling to typhoid fever and her sis Vanessa got married (Meyer, Chapman, & Weaver, 2009). It had been at this...

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