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The Common Man numbers prominently at the story of the enjoy and also as being a narrator and commentator. Although treated much more detail consist of sections, inside the following story summary, when he talks to you is indicated only when this individual interacts straight with the different characters inside the play.

SSir Thomas More, a scholar and statesman, things to California king Henry VIII's plan to divorce and remarry in order to daddy a man heir. Yet More, ever before the diplomat, keeps quiet about his feelings in the hopes that Holly will not take the time him about the matter. At a meeting with Cardinal Wolsey, Lord Chancellor of England, More testimonials the notification to Ancient rome that demands the pope's approval of Henry's divorce. More points out that the pope provided a dispensation, or perhaps exemption, to ensure that Henry to get married to begin with, since Catherine, the woman Holly married, was the widow of Henry's buddy. More uncertainties that the pope will consent to overturn his first dispensation. Wolsey accuses More of being too moralistic and advises that this individual be more useful.

After conversing with Wolsey, More runs into Thomas Cromwell, the king's confidante. Cromwell, recently promoted to the position of cardinal's admin, insincerely tells More he's one of More's greatest fans. More as well meets Signor Chapuys, the Spanish delegate to England. Chapuys takes More's non-committal response to concerns about his meeting with Wolsey to signify More wants that the divorce should not move through. Chapuys stresses Christian morals and Catholic dogma and seems the majority of concerned that Henry will not insult Henry's wife, Catherine, who is as well the full of Spain's aunt. Chapuys thinks this individual has found an ally in More.

Backside at More's home, More's daughter, Maggie, has received a visit by Roper, her Lutheran partner, despite the later hour. Roper asks More for Margaret's hand, nevertheless More refuses to allow a Lutheran, in the eyes a heretic, in his family.

Meanwhile, Wolsey dies, giving the position of Lord Chancellor vacant. The king was displeased with Wolsey's failure to secure a papal dispensation to annul his marriage to Catherine, and Wolsey perished in disgrace. More is appointed since Wolsey's replacement.

Cromwell complies with with Richard Rich, a low-level functionary whom Even more helped set up and to who More gave a sterling silver cup having been given being a bribe. (More did not recognize that the glass was a entice when he received it. ) Cromwell seduces Rich with an opportunity for advancement, and the spineless Rich seems all too desperate to accept the task in exchange for information he features about Even more. Rich and Chapuys, who have just came into, ask Cromwell what his current position is, and Cromwell makes announcement simply that he does whatever the ruler wants done. He brings up that the king has planned a boat ride down the Thames to visit More. Meanwhile, More's manservant, Matthew (played by the Common Man), has came into the room, and Cromwell, Wealthy, and Chapuys are wanting to bribe him for information. Matthew tells all of them only the most well known facts about his master, but the trio pays him away anyway.

Back at More's home in London's Sw3 district, the king is placed to arrive, yet More is definitely nowhere available. After worrying over his absence, the family at some point finds him busy in vespers (evening prayers). If the king happens, all are on their best behavior, and More comes off as the most excellent of all. However , More will tell the king more...

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