Fault- crack that occurs when rocks break and this results in comparable movement or perhaps opposing factors. Seismic Wave- earthquake ocean, including primary waves, secondary waves, and surface waves. Epicenter- the purpose on earths surface located directly above the earthquakes focus. Magnitude- a measure of the power released simply by and earthquake. Seismograph- tool used to record seismic surf.

Tsunami- strong seismic sea wave that begins more than an water floor earthquake can reach 30 minutes elevation when getting close land and may use devastation in seaside areas.


1 . Precisely what are the geological causes of these earthquakes?

Answer: The geological triggers if these kinds of earthquakes is definitely caused by when transform limitations slide previous each other. 2 . How many fatalities occurred as a result of every earthquake? Answer: The fatalities/ deaths took place as a result of each earthquake. How much deaths in the San Francisco earthquake was a few, 000 persons. And the amount of fatalities of the Haiti earthquake was more than 316, 000 fatalities. 3. So why did the earthquake in Haiti trigger more deaths than the earthquakes in Bay area if the earthquakes in Haiti of reduce magnitude? Response: The reason Haiti earthquake murdered more people was because its epicenter was near a major town and its hypocenter or focal point was nearby the earths surface. 4. Describe the physical damage due to each earthquake. Answer: The physical harm done by the san Francisco earthquake was that there was clearly 225, 000 people desolate and twenty-eight, 000 buildings destroyed. The physical harm in Haiti was that there was no food or clean water or no electricity. five. Why performed the earthquake in Haiti cause even more monetary destruction than the earthquake in Bay area if the earthquake in Haiti was of lower value? Answer: The earthquake in Haiti caused more monetary damage compared to the earthquake in San Francisco was because the strength integrity with the...